Choose From Our Precision Motion Products

Over the years, Griffin Motion has perfected the performance, functionality, and reliability of our products compared to our competition at a competitive price point. We offer individual stages, capable of single or dual axis motion, as well as fully integrated, complete motion systems, capable of achieving any motion profile that your application demands.

Don’t forget about cables and controls! We setup and integrate controller and cable packages for all of our off-the-shelf or custom motion products. Don’t see what you need? Please to reach out to our applications team under the “Contact” page at the top of our website.

High loading capacity 100mm travel linear motion laser rotary stage with brushless DC motor.

Laser Processing

The PLR series stages from Griffin Motion are designed for a variety of laser processing applications.

Linear Stages

Griffin Motion linear stages are available in both ball screw and linear motor drives. Rotary or linear encoders are offered...

Our XY stages are built for heavy duty automation cycles in any orientation.

XY Stages

Griffin Motion XY stages are designed to provide 2-axis motion with excellent levels of orthogonality, flatness and straightn...

high precision turntable with direct drive

Rotary Stages

Rotary stages from Griffin Motion are direct-drive, precision positioning tables designed for laboratory, factory automation,...

Elevator Stages

Elevator stages from Griffin Motion are designed for a variety of applications. These reliable ball screw stages are built fo...

Multi-axis granite motion platform system is built for extremely high levels of repeatability and accuracy for automation.

Granite Systems

Fully custom, multi-axis system assemblies utilizing granite structures for exceptional levels of flatness, orthogonality, th...

300x300x150mm XZY gantry motion systems built for high duty and long life automation with micron level positioning.

Gantry Systems

Multi-axis system assemblies utilizing gantry structure and linear motors for high speed scanning and pick-and-place applicat...