Choose From Our Precision Motion Control Products

Over the years, Griffin Motion has perfected the performance, functionality, and reliability of our products, compared to the competition at price point we offer. For example, below, you’ll find our linear stage, which is a component used to restrict an object to a single axis of motion. Linear stages use a stepper motor, which is a brushless, synchronous electric motor that converts digital pulses into mechanical shaft rotations. Stepping motors are often used for linear motion control by using a lead screw or worm gear drive. Finer resolutions can be attained using the step motor and stepping motor driver combination in microstep mode.

High loading capacity 100mm travel linear motion laser rotary stage with brushless DC motor.

Laser Processing

The PLR series stages from Griffin Motion are designed for a variety of laser processing applications.

Griffin Motion linear motion stages can be customized beyond our normal travel distances of 50mm to 1000mm.

Linear Stages

Griffin Motion linear stages are available in both ball screw and linear motor drive. Rotary or linear encoders are offered o...

Our XY stages are built for heavy duty automation cycles in any orientation.

XY Stages

The CXY-BS series stages from Griffin Motion are designed for a variety of applications. This compact, low-profile ball screw...

Our RTS & HTR rotary stages provide high torque through a brushless direct drive that minimizes friction.

Rotary Stages

This series of rotary tables from Griffin Motion are direct-drive, precision positioning tables designed for laboratory, fact...

ELV-BS series ball screw stage designed for 12.5mm, 15mm, 20mm, & 20mm travel distances with up to 1 micron accuracy.

Elevator Stages

The ELV-BS series stages from Griffin Motion are designed for a variety of applications. These reliable ball screw stages com...

Custom Stages

Not everyone or every product gets to operate in a pristine lab environment. Products need to be tested in the real world and...

Multi-axis granite motion platform system is built for extremely high levels of repeatability and accuracy for automation.

Granite Systems

Multi-axis system assemblies utilizing granite bridge structure...

300x300x150mm XZY gantry motion systems built for high duty and long life automation with micron level positioning.

Gantry Systems

Multi-axis system assemblies utilizing gantry structure...