Griffin Motion is a fully integrated manufacturer of precision motion products. All engineering, machining, assembly, testing and certification are done in-house to provide a complete source for your motion needs.

We utilize a line of standardized products that are highly customizable to meet your exact application needs.  We also provide complete custom solutions ranging from completely novel products to bolt in replacements for underperforming competitor products.  Our ability to quickly design, prototype and deliver custom systems separates us from the competition.

Engineering and Design

Griffin Motion’s engineering team utilizes SolidWorks Premium 3D CAD software for design and development.  The seamless integration of COSMOS Professional validation software allows us to maximize designs by evaluating component thermal and strain properties for improved product performance.  This allows us to minimize time to market and increase product life and performance.

Our engineers have extensive experience with many challenging motion environments.  We have been designing and manufacturing products for high vacuum, extreme temperature gradients, harsh environments and clean rooms for years.  We understand the challenges each of these environments pose to motion products and can help guide you in their implementation

Our extensive experience in numerous industries will help to make the integration of our products seamless and easy for you.


Griffin Motion has full control of our machined parts in our in house machine shop.  In 2008 we brought machining in house because we were constantly battling long lead times and vendors that could not meet the increasingly difficult specifications our parts required.  We utilize Mori-Seiki machining and turning centers for the highest level of accuracy and quality parts.  Through the years we have mastered the art of precision machining.  Whether we are making a one of a kind part or five hundred of the same part, our commitment to precision and accuracy never waivers.


A significant portion of our competitive advantage lies in our proprietary assembly techniques.  Griffin Motion invests considerable time and resources in the development of assembly fixtures, tooling and written procedures.  For OEM customers specifically, the requirements of “Copy Exact” products are a must.  We ensure our customers receive the highest quality and repeatable products from the first to the last through rigorous and strict assembly protocols.  We assign metrics throughout the assembly process to ensure that the final product will meet all promised performance criteria.

Test & Certification

Griffin Motion employs the latest technology for calibration of their stages from one of the world leaders in metrology. Our Renishaw ML10 Gold Standard Laser interferometer, Renishaw RX10 rotary calibrator and supporting optics allow full characterization of our stages before shipment.  Griffin Motion ensures that our testing methods meet the needs of our customers.  We work closely with our customers when developing our testing protocols.  100% of products shipped are tested to guarantee conformance to promised specifications.

Customer Support

The continued success of Griffin Motion depends on the success of our customers.  Products are only as good as the company standing behind them.  When you buy a Griffin Motion product you get the company with it.  We will go the extra mile to provide the support and assistance you need to fully utilize the products you have purchased.

Contact us today to see how we can help you with your motion needs.