HTR-DD-200-AA-M-A-S-J-00 Precision Rotary Table

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  • Continuous 360° rotation
  • 75mm through bore
  • High resolution absolute encoder
  • High torque, direct drive brushless servo motor
  • Dust and moisture seals

The HTR-DD Series Rotary tables are direct drive, precision positioning tables designed for laboratory, factory automation and semiconductor processing equipment. The high torque brushless direct drive technology eliminates backlash and improves reliability by minimizing sliding friction throughout the stage. The large bore allows onvenient routing of tubing and cabling for application requirements. Positioning resolution can be selected, with most controls, to meet the needs of the final application. This HTR model includes seals to protect against dust and moisture, making this stage perfect for dirty and harsh industrial environments.

Product FamilyHTR
Additional OptionsDust and Moisture Seals
Hub MaterialAluminum
Drive TypeDirect Drive
EncoderAbsolute Metal Ring
InterpolationNo Interpolation
Precision ClassStandard Precision
Repeatability (arc-sec)3
Continuous Velocity (deg/s)2190
Axial Runout (μm)10
Continuous Torque8.4
Encoder OutputBiSS C (uni-directional) 26 bit
Force X (N)250
Force Y (N)250
Force Z (N)500
Height (mm)104
Length (mm)225
Limit SwitchesNo
Accuracy (arc-sec)30
Moment X (N·m)25
Moment Y (N·m)25
Moment Z (N·m)8.4
Encoder Resolution0.019 (67108864cts/rev)
Peak Torque (N·m)13.5
Radial Runout (m)10
Rotational Inertia (kgm)0.008314
Stage Mass (kg)8.98
Travel Range (deg)360 continuous
Width (mm)190
Peak Velocity (deg/s)550

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