Serving the Inspection Industry

Griffin Motion specializes in serving systems integrators, offering a broad range of high-precision positioning systems that are carefully tailored to each customer's individual system application. System integrator clients worldwide have been turning to us as their motion control partner for more than a decade. We're highly skilled at adapting our products to fit and function perfectly within a larger system, supporting our customers fully throughout the process. All of our motion control systems are built to deliver lasting quality and performance along with outstanding value, and we even include our testing reports with each product shipment to show their exact, real-world specifications.

Commissioning & Ongoing Support

Our team understands that every new system has its own unique challenges, especially through the bringup and commissioning process. We're proud to support all of our system integration customers with the industry's most responsive service. When a customer calls, we pick up the phone and do everything we can to answer their questions and solve their problems. We'll even jump on the next plane flight to their location to assist in the event of a time-sensitive issue. From initial assembly and testing through the commissioning process and beyond, customers rely on the Griffin Motion team to be a trusted support partner.

Proven Specifications & Performance

At Griffin Motion, when we report our products' performance specifications, we're always citing real-world values rather than theoretical figures. We recognize that the actual performance of our stages can't be predicted, so we don't leave it to chance. We thoroughly test all of our precision positioning systems, and all of the data is included in testing reports shipped with every stage. This means we remove the guesswork surrounding theoretical component specs and replace it with a proven real-world understanding of our product performance.