Serving the Semiconductor Industry

Griffin Motion is experienced in serving customers in the semiconductor industry. We feature a range of products that are fully customizable to meet the unique needs of semiconductor material and component manufacturers. Our precision manufacturing motion control systems deliver incredibly true motion, and they are ideal for nanometer positioning with very high-stability position control. Plus we're capable of producing stages designed to perform in high-vacuum and clean-room environments, as required by the customer.

Silicon Production & Processing

Silicon, the raw material used to form the wafers onto which integrated circuits are built, must undergo a range of microfabrication processes to reach an acceptable level of purity. Creating and inspecting defect-free crystalline silicon requires a level of precision that can only be achieved by our advanced motion control equipment. These wafers are then coated, patterned, and modified extensively to form complex circuits and the complete chips that power our modern devices, like computers, smartphones, and so much more.

Micro & Nano-Scale Control

In the past 20 years, the scale of the architecture within computer processors has shrunk by a factor of 100. To keep up with this incredible miniaturization, modern semiconductor manufacturers need equipment with ultra-precision motion control. At Griffin Motion, we specialize in custom engineering and manufacturing micro and nano-scale motion control equipment that's ideal for semiconductor production and inspection applications. Our customers are able to stay at the cutting-edge of semiconductors using our advanced precision motion control equipment and systems.

Demanding Environments

The precision motion control equipment we provide must perform precisely and reliably in the strict high-vacuum and clean-room environments required in semiconductor manufacturing, processing, and inspection. Our equipment must deliver outstanding performance without compromising the integrity of the surrounding environment. We're experienced in producing stages with very low levels of outgassing for proven performance down to 10-6 torr. We also understand clean room environments, so our products can be tailored to these environments as well, as needed.