Serving Researchers & Educators

Precision motion control equipment is an important fixture of any research environment, whether it's an advanced private research lab or a university teaching lab. Griffin Motion specializes in serving researchers and educators throughout the world with a broad range of customizable motion control devices and assemblies. No matter what the customer's unique laboratory motion control application and needs, our team stands out for our ability to deliver a tailored solution for cutting-edge precision motion control.

Expert Advice & Ongoing Support

Our education and research customers rely on our expert team for valuable advice regarding their unique application and motion control requirements. We take the time to consult with each customer, learn everything about their goals and their challenges, and the recommend the ideal equipment that's carefully tailored to their individual needs. Griffin Motion doesn't just sell equipment. We're trusted to be each customer's precision positioning and motion control system partner.

Our equipment can be customized to fit into our research customers' exacting envelope requirements, when off-the-shelf motion control products just won't fit or function as needed. We'll even be happy to design and fabricate custom brackets and assemblies to ensure the customer receives a turnkey system that starts delivering value the day it's installed. Plus, our team is fully available to the customer long after installation, providing responsive ongoing support far into the future.

Customized for Research Environments

Many research and teaching laboratories have demanding or challenging internal environments, but they all require precision and accuracy above all else. Our motion control products are carefully engineered and manufactured in-house to deliver outstanding performance even in extreme temperatures, high vacuums, humidity, or even in clean room environments. Whether it's a pharmaceutical company testing a new packaging or a college student measuring the results of an experiment, precision motion control equipment from Griffin Motion is ideal for any laboratory application.