Serving the Laser Processing Industry

Griffin Motion is renowned for our ability to serve OEM customers in the laser processing industry throughout the world. When it comes to laser machining, cutting, joining, forming, testing, and more, reliable precision motion control is absolutely fundamental to success. With these cutting-edge processes, components must undergo complex manipulation and movement while maintaining high speeds and stringent control in movement tolerances. This requires our premier precision motion control systems, customized to each unique laser processing application by our outstanding team.

Micro and Nanopositioning Control

Laser processing techniques are used by some of the most advanced and demanding manufacturers in industries ranging from aerospace to medical, computers, industrial, and many others. These manufactures favor laser processing systems for many functions because, when coupled with our advanced ultra-precision motion control equipment, it offers incredible precision at a relatively low cost. Our equipment provides micro and nano-level positioning control, making sure lasers and workpieces alight exactly as required for the highest quality results. We're also capable of adapting our positioning systems for use with virtually any software control systems, including proprietary electronics.

Speed & Precision in Demanding Applications

Heavy industrial and manufacturing environments can be incredibly demanding, with the potential for high temperatures, flying debris, vacuum, humidity, and more. The Griffin Motion team is experienced in customizing our motion control equipment to suit any of these difficult manufacturing environment and ensure the most precise control of laser processing equipment. Our systems can stand up to dirt and debris from laser-cutting metals and other demanding processes while retaining reliable, high-speed operation.

We've engineered and manufactured products with operating temperatures ranging from -40℃ to +85℃, for example. We're also experienced in producing motion control equipment for vacuum and clean-room applications. Our process involves close consultation with each client to gain a precise and thorough understanding of their needs and their application challenges. Using our knowledge of the client and their requirements, we're able to create custom-tailored motion control products that deliver all the needed performance in even the most demanding operating conditions.